Hal Warner Clayton (Onion)

Age: 16
Location: Ireland
Bio: Teenager animator/photographer from Ireland, I've watched brickfilms for as long as I can remember. I remember stalking back in the day, reading the discussions and watching the films. I've animated on and off for about 7 or 8 years, although with many hiatuses in between. I completed my first viable THAC entry last year, along with my 2nd
BRAWL entry.
   I specialize in interviews mainly for the moment, although I'll drop some reviews now and then.

Twitter - @HalAtHome
YouTube - Onion Animations
BiM - Onion

Favourite Brickfilms:
HomefrontCopyrightRobotaBeastThe White Ninja

Lucas Mass (LuckeMasse/Lucas/MassianTV)
Age: 17
Location: Sweden
Bio: All right so this is supposedly where I am supposed to write my own personal bio but since I am so boring and have no imagination what so ever I really don't know what to say here that is 100% worth mentioning at all about what I have done as a brickfilmer and why I am qualified to be an admin on this site so what ever, you have basically wasted 10 seconds of your life reading this so go and do something worthwhile with your life like take hundreds of pictures of insanely small minifigures. Or just stick around on the site, I hear there's a new review up!

Twitter - @LuckeMasse
YouTube - MassianTV
BiM - Lucas
Favourite Brickfilms:
The Magic PortalIndiana Scones and the Quest for the Platinum Waffle

Sean Carroll (Carroll Films)

Age: 19
Location: United States
Bio: Animator, VFX Creator, Web Designer, and big time gamer. I've been creating Brickfilms for the past 10 years of my life. If you think that's a long time, to be honest, it's not. I love to animate and I'd love to do more, but sadly we all have to get a job eventually because not everyone can make a living off YouTube. I'm Currently switching between Live Action and Brickfilms just to switch things up, but I'm going to stay true to the core when it comes to my true roots...Brickfilms.

Twitter - @CarrollFilms
YouTube - CarrollFilms
BiM - CarrollFilms
Favourite Brickfilms:
Chris Wynn (Chris.W)

Age: 16
Location: United States
Bio: Hey, I'm Chris (I think), and I make brickfilms (I think). I've made films since 2008 but been making films for YouTube since 2010. I hope to go into the film industry (I think), in whatever way possible, even making films of my own. I love watching other people's films and reviewing them, too. That's why I'm here (I think).
Twitter - @Mr_Chris_Wynn
YouTube - TheCWynns
BiM - Chris W.
Favourite Brickfilms:

Jonathan Williams (Jstudios/MovieFigure/Jon)

Age: 16
Location: England
Bio: Animator, game design enthusiast and aspiring writer. Been brickfilming since around ’09 and am all around probably the lamest person on the site. Expect some reviews of quality/non-quality brickfilms, mostly on the aspects of writing, voice acting and possibly on cinematography.

Twitter - @MovieFigure
YouTube - jstudios98
BiM - jstudios
Favourite Brickfilms:
HomefrontThe Day Aliens Finally InvadedThe RiverJive Owl Episode 1Copyright

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