Friday, February 14, 2014

LEGO Star Wars, Hunted - Review

Hello readers! Before I begin the review I'd first like to apologize for the lack of content recently. Over here in Ireland we have some big summer tests upcoming and we do a lot of the preparations around this time of year, so I've generally been quite busy. And that's coupled with the lack of over-average brickfilms being released. I'm on a break now however so I have much more free time to do writing/animating!


Now onto the film, Beaton's Lego Star Wars: Hunted! (watch here)

From a glance, your expectations are more than likely going to be low. An essentially un-established brickfilm (so to my mind anyway) and a title that begins with 'Lego Star Wars'. However you're in for a treat with this one! Immediately you're greeted with a lovely opening shot; nice lighting (if somewhat bright for nighttime), crisp camera quality, and a blend of real life wildlife mixed with LEGO, such as the stuff you'd see in a Brotherhood Workshop production.

The plot is basic and I'm afraid boring, it's a very similar format of your Joe Soap clone troopers, who are ambushed. But that's not really what the film is about. Instead, we're treated to some lovely cinematography throughout, smooth animation, and in book the best thing - the shots.
So often in brickfilms you see the same lack luster angles, sometimes due to a tight set, sometimes due to lack of imagination, I too am guilty of this. However, Beaton has really spiced things up a bit. My guess is that it's done a lot in post, but it still gives a nice sense of action and atmosphere.

Verdict: A lovely short piece, showing off Beaton's capabilities very nicely. My hope is that we can look forward to something longer to get our teeth into!

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