Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hello and welcome,

My name is Hal, otherwise known as Onion on YouTube and BiM, and I'm an admin here. Myself and Sean Carroll (Carroll Films) have created this blog as a source for brickfilmers to come and read reviews from our panel (still in creation), and listen to interviews with brickfilmers, which has finally been resurrected after 2 years dormant.

We'll also have monthly round ups of our best moments of the month in brickfilmers, as well as our member of the month and much much more.

The blog is still very much in the "starting up" stage but we hope to expand soon. Sean Warton is creating a logo for us and we hope to have everything looking a lot cleaner in the coming week. A twitter account is also in the works, as well as Bricksinmotion.com thread so you can keep up with us all the time!

Cheers! Hope to see you all soon!

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