Friday, January 17, 2014

Update (17/01/2014)

Quick Update -

Brickflickers has offically been up 11 days! We've had a total of 7 articles and garnered over 1000+ viewers! However what we have so far is only the start; here's our upcoming schedule!

  • Podcast (no. 1)
  • THAC 11 Favourites
  • Brickfilmer of the Month
  • Sonjira + Jstudios Audio Interview
  • Reviews every 2nd day
  • New Logo
Personally I feel like regular content is very important, and at the moment Sean is quite busy. So we've added Chris W. as our latest reviewer/regular contributor! He is not an Admin, however he does have the power to post any article he chooses here.

You can expect some new stuff to come this weekend too! Check our Twitter for updates.

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