Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"The Front" Brickfilm - Review

"The Front" is an animated Brickfilm by twickabrick (Link to YouTube Channel) and has a run time of roughly twelve minutes. In this adventure you will follow a brave minifigure that goes by the name "Coward." I'm trying not to spoil anything from this great video, but to setup the story/idea, Coward was living in his cottage when "The Steamers" attacked his rural area and since then he has been on the run from them and refuses to stay and fight against them. Currently there is a war against the Steamers and Coward isn't the "war fighting kind of guy." He has to make the decision whether he should take and fight or leave and been seen as a, well, coward. Throughout the film you will see what honor and bravery means to a single man, for this Brickfilm really nails that last one into the coffin quite nicely.

Although this video was shot at, what seems to be, 640x480 it makes up for in animation and narration. Most people assume,"Awww, this video is going to suck. It was shot with a low quality camera so it has to be some old video from this guys hard drive." WRONG!!! Super wrong, I should say, this Brickfilm has some of the smoothest, cleanest and most superb animation I have ever seen. Most Brickfilms usually have some sort of "animation flaw" but this...this animation is what the Brickfilming community needs more of.

Of course the video has only one flaw,  i.e. the voice acting was mediocre at some parts. There is a part in the video where a man is screaming, well, he's not, but he should be. The voice actor does a "scream" with his normal voice. He doesn't full fledge let his zygomatic and buccinator (muscles used while screaming) go wild. Because because crazy and silly is all part of the "voice acting experience." But don't let this little bit of nonsense take away from the video!

Along with the beautiful animation and excellent story and plot along with very creative set designs as well. Although the sets aren't big and complex; they are excellently designed and really set up the atmosphere for where this video could possibly be. Along with set designs the original character design there really isn't much more to say. It is just so well do I honestly can't say anything bad about the architecture and minifigure customization.

To conclude this review I would give this video a 5/5. A must watch Brickfilm which should be recognized as a "Brickfilm masterpiece."
Watch the video here The Front

Review Written by Sean Carroll

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