Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Brickflickers Episode 1 - SODA

All right this article is just here in case you've not yet checked out the new page on the blog. Every month (or whenever we have something worth talking about), the staff and possibly a guest-star or two get together and record a podcast about what's going on in the Brickfilm community. This could be a relevant contest or a newly released brickfilm that needs to be discussed. Basically, the official Brickflickers Podcast has started.

Episode 1 is roughly 30 minutes long and focuses mostly on looking back on how 2013 was in terms of brickfilming. This also requires us to talk about BRAWL and THAC of course. This is not the episode were we talk about the results (if that's even worth doing seeing as most of the staff on this blog are making articles about the results instead), it's just us talking about the experience. We are also looking in the future for what might be in store for us in 2014 and why we firmly believe it's gonna be a better year than the previous ones, interested in listening yet?
Well go ahead and do so right now!

Episode 1 - SODA
Hosts: Hal, Lucas, Jon, Chris

Even though this is a monthly podcast, don't give your hopes up on not getting new episodes that often, if there's something worth discussing then we'll definitely do it earlier.

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