Tuesday, January 21, 2014

THAC 11 Review Part 2

THAC 11 Review Part 2 - by Chris

THAC is now wrapped up, and I thought I'd review a few films that weren't mentioned in Hal's post.

Fish Tale by Soppenjim

Coming in at 6th place comes a short film by Soppenjim, a film with a simple plot but yet great execution. Although it only has one main punch line, Fish Tale manages to nail it, which is something many brickfilms with the same formula lack. The sets in this film are awesome, and although a few are pre-built sets, they are laid out beautifully. With a well-executed story, great animation, and gorgeous sets, Fish Tale is one of the better entries to THAC. I can tell Soppenjim has a bright future in the brickfilming community; who knows what he could make with more than 24 hours?

Mr. Figure's Job Interview by Fun Sucker

Now we have another great entry by Funtastic Films (aka Fun Sucker). Sadly, it didn't place as high as I personally believe it deserved, nonetheless, this story centers around Mr. Figure, a guy who goes to, well, a job interview, but he tries a tactic that is a bit odd. My only complaint of this film would have to be that the sets are a bit bland and boring, but it doesn't distract too much from the film as a whole. As one of the longer entries to THAC, it tells a very entertaining and well-made story. Accompanied by some great voice acting by the entire cast (and I'm not just saying that cause I'm in it), Mr. Figure's Job Interview is a great entry.

Drifter by Onion

Made by this wonderful blog's creator, comes Drifter, a serious film that actually works. THAC 11's host, Harry Bossert, plays a guy named Peter, a guy who doesn't have a stable home and environment. Not only is the plot very interesting and well-executed, but the sets are beautiful along with some perfect lighting. In addition, Peter's monologue is extremely clever (along with a hidden Shrek reference), and adds to the overall feel and setting of the film. Drifter is a must-watch, and I'm really glad it got 9th place; it definitely deserved it.

THAC was an extremely fun time, I had such a fun time entering. It produced some fantastic and memorable entries. I can't wait until next THAC as always. Agree with our reviews? Disagree? Post your thoughts in the comments!  Thanks for reading and make sure to follow Brickflickers on Twitter!

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