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THAC 11 Review

THAC 11 Review - by Hal

The results of THAC 11 are finally here! Under a month since the contest has ended, a collaborative effort of Brickflickers own Lucas Mass, Jonathan Williams, and BiM forum member OneManFilms, along with Hazzat (who hosted the contest to begin with) and have put out the results, all 79 films in order. I'd recommend going over to BiM to see the results before you resume reading. If you're lazy however, the top 3 were Legoander's 'The Supervisor', Forlorn Creature's 'The Police Delivery', and Sean Warton's 'No Crawme Steals Christmas'.

The Police Delivery


First thing I'd like to do is touch on 2nd place's winner. This is Forlorn's second time finishing in the top 3, last year winning with the fabulous 'Le Special' and now coming in 2nd place, with an even more humourous and well polished film. It's quite short, with a running time of 1:27, however that's nothing compared to last year where his film didn't even clock in a minute. I feel like this, more than anything, demonstrates just how much quality counts over quantity. 'The Police Delivery' tells the story of an unfortunate delivery man that's wrongly mistaken as a criminal and is dragged into interrogation. That is essentially as far as the plot goes, however within that he manages to fit a good few jokes and polishes it off with gorgeous quality and animation. One of my personal picks from the contest.

The Supervisor

An example of some nice cinematography from Legoander's winning entry.

Next up is 1st place, Legoander's 'The Supervisor'. There is no denying that this is a great film; a simple story-line with a twist, along with some mediocre animation. It comes off that this film is going in a lot more for the story than the technically qualities (obviously excluding the lush resolution), however it's slightly overshadowed, and a few people have brought this up, by the fact that its very similar to Indus, Aiwha's fantastic film that won GO-Film 2013. There are variations going on of course, but there's just a strong feel about it. Of course if the films hadn't been released in a few months gap then this issue probably wouldn't have arisen, and lets try to remember that. Overall the film is still very nicely done, and has a very nice theme interpretation.

No Crawme Steals Christmas

Evil No Crawme is up to no good in Sean's 3rd place winning entry.

And finally 3rd place, Sean Warton's spritely musical animation, 'No Crawme Steals Christmas'. This is a follow up film to his 'No Crawme' musical last year; however the big difference here is that last year it was a sub-par film, given all the hype it felt very lacking and had little singing. This time around the music, provided by a friend of Sean's, gives the entry a lot more life, and he does a good job polishing it off with some nice touches. Did it deserve 3rd place? Debatable. Nevertheless, a strong and fun entry I'd recommend without a second thought.

Personal Favourites

Now on to my personal favourites from the contest! I've already mentioned the Police Delivery, but here are all my top 5 in order (based purely on my personal enjoyment)

  • 5th - Chris W's 'Mental'
  • 4th - Sean Carroll's 'Corporate Confusion'
  • 3rd - Filmyguy's 'How I survived THAC'
  • 2nd - Forlorn Creature's 'The Police Delivery'
  • 1st - Sonjira's 'Misplaced and Mistaken'


For me this is the most underrated entry of the contest. While 36th is a very good placement from 79 entries, I feel as if this still should of placed higher. It contained a very interesting theme interpretation, and it was overall very well polished. And probably the best use mod element to date. It did feel a little rushed towards the end, but it was still very enjoyable, with a nice twist.

Corporate Confusion

Definitely one of the funniest entries, and extraordinarily finished with hours remaining. This entry has a great script going for it, good voice acting, and technically brilliant. You honestly cant fault it, and it was highly enjoyable. Maybe not as flashy as some, but Sean still has a great film here.

How I Survived THAC

Very refreshing to see Filmyguy do a none superhero film, and this entry is definitely inspired. Once again short and sweet, and very deserving of it's placement. Along with being funny it features the wonderful animation we've grown to expect from Sean Willets and some nice camera movement to add to the charm. Would highly recommend.

The Police Delivery

Read above.

Misplaced and Mistaken

I know most feel this is an odd choice to put first, and I never expected it to win, but this is a fabulous entry and my personal favourite. It tells the wonderful story of a man with bowel trouble who is being robbed, unknowingly. The film never falls down, the script is hilarious, especially with Sonjira's unmistakable VAing. I find myself laughing every time I watch it. Very deserving of 8th place.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, THAC certainly has been fun this year, and I'm delighted to say I finished in the top 10, especially since I've never actually completed an entry before. Remember to go follow me on Twitter, and go follow the Brickflickers too!


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  1. I for one still think KG's entry "Ssssss" should've won.