Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Welcome to the Brickflicks page!

My name is Sean, formally known as "CarrollFilms" on YouTube and Bricksinmotion.com, and this website is dedicated to Brickfilm reviews and interviews with select animators. Brickfilm reviews and interviews were done in the past, but this is here to stray.

We aim to please all of our readers with in-depth detail and honest opinions on Brickfilms that are released every day onto the internet. We may stumble upon an underrated Brickfilm and try to get it out there, along with a review on it; Or we will talk about a Brickfilm that is quite popular and examine how it got so popular in the community.

As my good friend Hal said previously, we will be doing monthly roundups and soon open up a Twitter account to answer questions and give out future dates of roundups/interviews with special guests.

See you all on the interwebs!
~Sean C.

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