Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rose Petal Dream (LEGO VERSION) - Review

Watch it -> here. See CrazyEd's channel -> here.

CrazyEd, or OBS Animations, has always been one of my favourite animators, and one of my biggest inspirations. His style is very unique and his animation is exquisite. Upon my return to brickfilming around the middle of last year I was disappointed not to see more from CrazyEd. 6 months later he brings out his newest creation, which is a remake of the famous rose petal dream in American Beauty. Today I shall be reviewing the very film. (a picture from the animation below)

First off let me just say this a perfect shot for shot recreation of the original scene. I haven't seen the film however I did research the clip, and they are practically identical. Including the rose petals. Upon first watch I honestly thought it was CG, but after reading the description it appears he animated them. The first dropping rose petal is gorgeous, however I'm not sure I'm a great fan of the cross fades of them appearing on him, rather than actually dropping down. The shot of the girl on the ceiling is perfect, the movements spot on, as well as the effective lighting. I'd also like to comment on the music, it's part of Danny Elfman's soundtrack from the film, but I particularly enjoy the mood.

Not much more to say, other than its a nice piece to add to growing portfolio of animations. 
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