Sunday, January 12, 2014

”LEGO MOTEL Season 1” Brickfilm - Review

Every so often during your journey through YouTube videos you come across something that seems very different from most of the other stuff you watch and you are not sure if you should like it... but you kinda do a bit, and then you find out there’s more of it and you just keep watching and all of a sudden – you’re hooked and you consider it a guilty pleasure.

The LEGO MOTEL series by YouTube Channel 
iownaniphone693 was just that for me back in the beginning of 2009. 

With the first episode (Pilot) being released on the 28th of February 2009 it was obvious right after watching the very first second of it that this was not going to be a series that would dedicate much time on its technicality. The animation is lazy and most likely very rushed, the voice acting isn’t exactly done using a blue ball microphone and there are MS Paint mouth movement effects instead of arm movements for when the characters talk but that just added to my appreciation for the series. There was an indefinite charm to it. It looks really cheap and all the characters are voiced by the same guy but that just makes it funnier to watch based on the kind of jokes we get.
This series is definitely not for everybody. If I was giving it a rating it would definitely be R for incredibly foul language (all the foul words you can think of are most likely said at least once in the series).

And what might the premise actually be? Well basically all movie characters you can think of that has gotten a LEGO theme deal lives in a Motel and all kinds of shenanigans happens (might as well add that the characters aren't really true to the source material they came from). We mostly follow Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi in their own apartment but they are usually invaded by Indiana Jones or Batman, both very keen on raping their sidekicks. Mace usually spends his time complaining because Obi-Wan is no paying his rent, Obi-Wan is a worker at LEGO City Asswipes (run by Palpatine, which is hilarious by the way) and gets very limited pay. Throughout the season we do see them try different ways to earn money (ever heard of online porn?), sadly it doesn’t seem to go anywhere in terms of the story but this is not really a series that pays a lot of attention to continuity or having a long story arc. What I can say that’s very positive is that all the characters (maybe even unintentionally) have a clear distinctive personality, rarely do they go out of character and rarely do the stories seem far-fetched based on the world iownaniphone693 has presented to us here.

When saying that this series is a guilty pleasure I really do mean it. This isn’t some Citizen Kane of brickfilm series in any way but it’s fun to watch from time to time (really happy a Season 2 started and is about to finish). I chose to start my reviews with this series because I wanted to share it to more Bricksinmotion users because I’m pretty sure many of them have no idea what this is.
Now I were to rank the 5 episodes in Season 1, this is probably how it would be: (warning: contains unsuitable content)
They are all very funny in their own way so if I were to rate the entire series it would be a very strong 4/5 LEGO Bricks. It’s a masterpiece in terms of making me laugh but I can’t quite give it a full score (after all it is a guilty pleasure).
Review by: Lucas Mass

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  1. I've watched a couple episodes from the second season, and I have to say I'm impressed! The voice acting is actually quite good, and the animation, while jerky, has a kind of charm to it. And I definitely had a few laughs!