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Interview w/ Chris Wynn

An Interview with Chris Wynn

2013 has seen a lot of good brickfilmers and a lot of emerging talent. It's also seen the development of other brickfilmers, including Chris Wynn! I've had the pleasure of knowing Chris for several years on skype, and its been fascinating seeing him blossom, and 2013 has been his best year yet. With him acquiring a Canon T2i (550D for us Europeans), and a clearly a lot of practice with his animation and plots, he has made some fantastic films such as his BRAWL entry, Homefront (as pictured below), which finished 3rd place.

I had the chance to chat with him for our first interview segment on Brickfilckers. Here's how it went.

QHow was 2013 for you, both as a filmmaker and a person?
A: Overall, 2013 was a mixed bag for me. Brickfilming-wise, it was fantastic! I've made some of my best work in my opinion, and I believe I've improved a lot from last year. My personal life didn't go so swimmingly. I learned a lot from the hardships though and they've developed me into a better person.

QWere there any standout moments & what did you learn?
A: I think the best moment for me in 2013 was when I placed 3rd in BRAWL. I believe Homefront is my best work and I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy it.

QWhat were your favourite films from 2013?
A: My favorite brickfilms of 2013 are probably The Day The Aliens Invaded by Pushover Productions, Obscured Outlooks by Mickey, or The Front by twickabrick.

(Chris' Film, Mental, as pictured to the right)
QWhat was THAC 11 like for you this year?
A: THAC was really fun for me. The energy and the creativity that everyone brought was awesome, and some really great entries were made. I luckily finished my entry in time and managed to get some sleep. Although, I did start to hear some voices at 4 o'clock in the morning...

QAre you happy with your entry?
A: I'm pretty happy with my entry. I'm glad that I changed the topic of my entry, because originally it was a cop film about a gun that could walk and talk and beat up people. I'm really glad I changed it in retrospect. Sadly, I had to rush with the second half of my film, so it might be confusing to some what it's trying to explain.

QWhich were your other favourites?
A: My favorite entries of THAC were probably "How I Survived" by filmyguy, "you were a mistake" by Just Kidden, and "The Drifter" by Onion.

QWhat are your hopes for 2014?
A: My hopes for 2014 would be to produce more films than last year, but at the same time make more thought out and overall better films. I also wish to make a longer film that I will stick to making (I've wrote scripts to two longer films which never worked out...).

QDo you have any projects in the works?
A: I currently have one film that I'm animating, which is a satirical film, parodying a certain "sub-genre" of brickfilm. It's pretty interesting to say the least. I also am planning on making a fake movie trailer, which takes a cult classic brickfilm and just turns it on its head into an insane adventure. Other than that, I'll probably make a few shorts here and there if I come up with an idea.

QWhat films are you looking forward to seeing from fellow animators?
A: I'm really looking forward to more films from animators such as Pushover Productions. He's such a hilarious animator and voice actor, one of the best comedic brickfilmers I've ever seen. Another animator whose films I'm looking forward to is Jstudios. He sadly had a tough time with THAC and didn't finish, but he's working on a film that is genius and I can't wait to see that and more from him. And finally Onion. His THAC entry was fantastic and shows he has the ability of making competent serious films, something that some brickfilmers can't do. I'm extremely glad he's back brickfilming again.

Q: What are your thoughts on 2 THACs and BRAWLs during the year?
A: On the topic of more BRAWLs and THACs, I think two BRAWLs and one THAC would be good. BRAWL is so much fun and it always makes great entries, so I think two would be perfect. And THAC is such a tradition of only being once a year, so having more would lose it's sense of togetherness in the brickfilming community.

Q; Have you accepted Josh Brolin into your life?
A: Why yes. Yes I have. I was baptised in a pool of Onion Rings at age 9.

Special thanks to Chris Wynn for joining us and for you for reading, we hope you enjoyed the interview. If you're interested in seeing Chris' films and more be sure to visit him on these websites:


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  1. Great interview!

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