Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Indiana Scones and the Quest for the Platinum Waffle" Brickfilm - Review

Ladies and gentlemen it is now time to pop some popcorn, get a bottle of your finest soda, sit down, buckle up and enjoy Indiana Scones and the Quest for the Platinum Waffle because brickfilms based on licensed movie characters literally does not get much better than this.

The premise is just as simple as you’d expect from an Indiana J(Sc)ones short video, he’s just on a random adventure (this time trying to find the Platinum Waffle) and weird things happen as he reaches the temple with his really suspicious buddies. This trope is sadly not used a lot anymore for Indy brickfilms as he now is portrayed more in team-up videos with Batman or any other superhero that have nothing to do with his character. If anyone is thinking of doing a brickfilm with Indy as the main star, this is most definitely how it should be done.
This is a brickfilm made by YouTube Channel eanimation back in the day when we got the disappointing Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie (meaning this LEGO theme was new at the time). It has recently reached a million video views so I thought it would be fitting to look back on it after all this time. I myself saw it a long time ago and always considered it one of my absolute favorites but sadly it has not gotten a lot of attention on Bricks in Motion which I feel needs to change. This is not a video made by a $1000 camera and that is definitely noticeable right as you start watching but it completely makes up for it with its near-perfectly executed animation with some wonderful use of slapstick and just general things as falling down or punching a skeleton. 

Most of the jokes in here are slapstick jokes which can be refreshing to see because usually brickfilmers try to make us laugh with some witty lines composed over a minifigure raising his arm. Using the aid of animation and some great sound effects to tell a joke just works better for stop motion most of the time (when it works) because it uses the “show don’t tell” rule. After all, film is a visual medium and even though this is clearly a 240p video, there are some really well put together shots accompanying wonderful set designs that we have come to expect from its creator. The voice-acting is not fantastic but it fits the tone the video is trying to convey like lighting in a bottle. All the characters have a perfect balance of dramatic and goofiness to their voices and since this video has a mix of both those things it really is a marvel in execution and will forever stay as one of my absolute favorite brickfilms of all time which I suppose is not a popular opinion (but then again, who cares about the mainstream).

Review written by Lucas

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  1. Personally, this guy is what opened me up to what could be done with brickfilming. He was one of the base animators that got me up and going. Such nostalgia, many waffles, wow, scones.