Monday, January 13, 2014

Interview w/ Harrison Allen

Brickfilming has always contained a lot of talent. After all, it's a creative process and creativity goes best with talent. You've had the likes of Blunty, Night Owl, Jay Silver, Greyscale, and many many others in the past; one of the current greats is Harrison Allen, otherwise known as either Squid or AnnoyingNoisesProductions. I've had the good luck of knowing Harrison for several years now. I was first introduced to him when he posted this comment to my channel:

I was expecting some average brickfilms but I was blown back by 'Pirates Rule!', a film with great flair and quality. Since then I've seen him develop into a filmmaker whose at the top of his game, and still maintaining his own unique style of storytelling. 'How Not to Rob a Bank' remains my favourite, however he has a large repertoire of films you can see for yourself over at his YouTube. I got the opportunity to chat with him yesterday; and here's how it went.

Q: Please introduce yourself and tell the readers what you're working on.
A: I'm Squid, or Harrison Allen, I'm currently in the middle of a big Batman film I've been trying to make for a few years.  I also have some other projects in works such as a large scale black and white horror-ish film called Welcome to Darkmoor, some short comedies, and a large secret project that I call for now A.I. (which has nothing to do with artificial intellegence).

There are a few other projects I have which are still just in the scripting stage such as Vampire Cinema and An Adventure in Bogeylan/The Absorbent Old Man.

'How Not to Rob a Bank'

Q: Can you go into more detail on anyone of those projects?
A: Welcome to Darkmoor takes place in a creepy little town someplace in Britain sometime in the first half of the 1900s.  A woman who is traveling visits the town while going somewhere to stay for the night only to find it to be extremely weird and desturbing.  I can't give too much away though, even the name of every character is a spoiler.  I'm planning to film it in greyscale, but for a very special creepy scene I will be manually adding red accents to things in every frame trough tedious photoshopping.  I also want to build the entire town at once, taking advantage of the grescale by using certain bricks by their colour translated to greyscale rather than their actual colour.  For instance I could build a blue rock but in the final film it would just look grey.  Thus I could build far more than I ever could otherwise without it looking weird.   
Frame from Squid's 'I am Darkness'
Q: How was 2013 for you both in your personal and creative life?
A: I haven't done very much in 2013 because a large portion of it was spent moving, and for many months I couldn't make proper progress on animating any of my films, which was rather dissapointing.
However, on the plus side now that i've moved, I have a much better studio without a low ceiling which is far better.  It's a room devoted only to LEGO and brickfilming, which is a wonderful thing.
 I still managed to make a little progress on I Am The Night and make a BRAWL and THAC film, though, and I'm pretty happy with those, particularly Odoriferous, which won BRAWL.

 I've also made a lot of prgress developing the story of the Magical Land of Riigo-Faloo from Sharks and Clowns and the Lost Invention, which has become a gigantic world full of lore and backstory involving vampires, wizards, goblins, and all sorts of stuff.  My long term goal is that is should become a cartoon TV show with a big story-arch going over multiple seasons.  It would revolve mostly around several adventurers.

Frame from Squid's film, 'The Lost Invention', made for THAC 10

Q: How was THAC for you this time around?
A: THAC was really great this year.  I'm very glad that I managed to finish in time again.  The film I made isn't partucularly good by my standards, but as a THAC film it's pretty great.  It was a lot less stressful this time around because I had done it before and put a lot of effort into preparation to make sure everything was all ready.  However, I have no recollection of ever joining the THAC skype call or going insane as people say.

(Squid is referring to the following video: Harrison's Weirdout)

Q: Any tips to share with the viewers on your unique style?
A: My style is just kinda weird.  It rarely ever makes much sense.  I usually just throw in a lot of weird random stuff and it ends up being kinda funny.  As for animation I just try to ease in and out and make things interesting.  In-shot effects are the best.

QWhich animators do you enjoy watching?
A: I like films from all sorts of animators.  JK, Walter Benson, Spider, NNN, Strange Villain, Sonjira, and several others are among my favourites.

Q: And finally, what do you look forward to in 2014?
A: I look forward to making more films, I probably won't release many, but I'm hoping to make a lot of progress.  2015 is going to be amazing, though.

I hope you've enjoyed this in-depth interview with Harrison, if you're new to his work go see him on YouTube, and if you haven't already, go follow him on Twitter

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