Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2015: The Contest

For those who thrive particularly on contests, the deadline, the theme, the feeling of taking part; it's one of those bad times of year I'm afraid. THAC is over, BRAWL is months away, and any seasonal themed contests are off the cards. But hey, here's something just for you!

Last year we had no big BiM contest, and it seems likely again this year. Perhaps not as popular as before, but the big yearly contest generally had an aim for most animators, something big to work towards. I feel like this might partially be a replacement. Jampot's '2015: The Contest' might seem a bit confusing at first. It's essentially a blockbuster themed contest, where the contestant is to make either:

  • An excerpt from a fictional film. You can create any plot you like, then think of a scene(s) from that and animate it. The piece has to be a minimum of 5 minutes, and make what's going on fairly clear. You can read additional rules on the thread page.
  • Your other choice is a faux Trailer (a fake trailer), with a minimum of 15 scenes. Here's an example

Interesting concept to be sure. There'll surely be a lot of epic-style brickfilms coming, however there is a debate about the deadline, which is over a year and 5 months away. Now one of the discussion topics about the yearly BiM contest is that they weren't getting enough entries; partially due to the long running time of the competition, so a lot of people would over extend themselves and not have the motivation to finish something that was overly ambitious. My personal judgement would be to have the contest announced at a later date, but then theres the conflicting with BRAWL, EASTER if it's hosted this year, etc.

Anyway, if you think it sounds good go give it a look! Special thanks to Jampot for creating this. I would also like to add there's a MASSIVE prize pool going, so that should definitely give you some motivating! Don't forget to go follow us on Twitter, and you can follow my personal account here.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I understand the issues with the deadline, and that's something I was toying with for a long while. I came up with the contest in early November and was originally going to upload it sometime around July, but I thought there'd be a greater chance of drumming up interest if there was sufficient time that people could make an entry whilst not having to cut back on their own brickfilming projects. That said if the deadline continues to be an issue - which it may well do, and I will be evaluating this in the coming weeks - I may work out a new deadline that ties better into my as-yet-unpublished ideas for the possible 2015 Festival.

    What do the people think? Should I change the deadline, make it sooner? Perhaps mid-December?